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What is a Social Adult Day Care Services Program (SADC)?

SADC is a structured, comprehensive program that provides functionally impaired individuals with socialization, supervision and monitoring, personal care, and nutrition in a protective congregate setting. 

The program also provides a variety of other services and supports, such as transportation, information and assistance, and caregiver assistance. In addition to addressing the individual’s needs for assistance in activities of daily living the program provides a secure environment and therapeutic activities aimed at helping participants to achieve optimal physical and mental/cognitive functioning. 

The program improves the quality of life for older adults by reducing social isolation and increasing social and community engagement. 

These programs are an important component of the community-based long term services and supports system that delay or prevent nursing home placement. 

Many caregivers can continue to work and feel secure in knowing that the social adult day care program will meet the care needs of their loved ones in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment.

What are the Benefits of Joining Open Arms Circle Social Adult Day Care?